VSI Introduces Experiential Research Program

Vision Strategy & Insights is proud to announce the launch of its Integrated Consumer Engagement program, designed to quantify and measure consumer insights at experiential and field events.

Brands can maximize event sponsorship through a custom consumer research study that provides real-time feedback from event participants regarding their experience.

Through the Integrated Consumer Engagement program, event sponsors will be able to measure:

  • Brand awareness prior to event
  • Feedback to event engagement efforts (i.e. product sampling, promotional offerings)
  • Brand consideration and lift
  • Category and brand usage
  • Advertising effectiveness (ad recall, impact, motivation)
  • All surveys are conducted by our experienced bilingual, bicultural field teams.

“VSI’s Consumer Engagement program was a great resource for the L.A. County Fair. Over the course of four weeks, VSI collected hundreds of surveys among hard-to-reach Hispanic and Asian visitors, providing us with valuable insights into the motivators, opinions and experiences of our multicultural Fair guests.” -Michael Chee, Marketing Director.

VSI’s unique four-step program assures interaction with consumers is robust, not only capturing the on-site experience but allowing for brands to continue their conversation with customers and potential customers well beyond the one-off event.


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