Make Multicultural Research Insights your Business Accelerator

Here’s what you need to know about culturally robust primary research that will generate actionable insights and impact your marketing ROI. 

As a research firm dedicated to the planning and implementation of multicultural studies, VSI is strongly focused on the development of best-in-class, robust research methodologies that are 100% in-language and in-culture.

Now more than ever marketers are seeking actionable insights that will drive marketing efforts and increased ROI in the $1.5+ Trillion multicultural consumer market. As multicultural populations are expected to outpace the growth of non-Hispanic Whites, there is a significant push to better understand and be more responsive to consumer needs. The fast-growing multicultural populations represent tremendous business potential but require cultural expertise in order to generate the insights that will drive business growth.

The key to successful in-culture and in-language research includes a variety of factors, but there are several elements we have seen that can make or break a research efforts that help brands build long-term relationships with Hispanic and Multicultural consumers:

Disciplined approach to Multicultural research

A disciplined approach to research design and implementation that reflects cultural nuances is an important first step. While some marketers implement solid Hispanic and Multicultural research initiatives, there remains a significant opportunity to conceptualize and implement robust research efforts that are in-culture and in-language from the very beginning.

Check assumptions at the door

Avoid cultural assumptions. Hispanic consumers may not have the type of category background or brand knowledge that may be expected from a General Market consumer. When it comes to usage of many products and services, Hispanic awareness and consumption patterns will probably differ from that of general market consumers. Is it imperative that research design take into account and address the impact that cultural differences will have on purchase behavior.

Maximize insights via custom studies

It can feel very compelling to adapt a previously fielded General Market survey for the multicultural markets and generate efficiencies on development. However we have found that surveys adopted from English language versions tend to miss the cultural nuances and lack the effectiveness of studies that have been generated specifically for Hispanic and Multicultural consumers.

Participant recruitment and screening

Research studies are only as good as the screening and recruitment criteria used to filter the most appropriate research participants. Our process spends much time making sure that we have recruited participants that will provide us with maximum insights. The understanding of cultural nuances is very important to assure that the correct participants participate in the research study. Whether we are looking for social-media savvy Hispanics or acculturated Hispanic moms rediscovering traditional foods, careful recruitment and screening is one of the most important elements of any research project.

In-Culture, In-Language moderators and project managers

Because we only use in-house moderators and analysts, we can guarantee continuity in project management and strategy across every project’s entire project lifespan. Our entire team from project managers to moderators are involved in the development and implementation of all projects, providing feedback as a team. Our moderators are RIVA certified, assuring superior quality in every project that we manage.


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