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Learnings and Best Practices for Multicultural Research

Brands are increasingly aware that multicultural consumers represent the greatest opportunity for increased sales and market share.  Across all types of consumer categories, multicultural consumers are now considered critical to brand success. How did we get here?  Certainly U.S. Census data has provided irrefutable data on the rapid growth and importance of this population segment.  […]

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VSI Introduces Experiential Research Program

Vision Strategy & Insights is proud to announce the launch of its Integrated Consumer Engagement program, designed to quantify and measure consumer insights at experiential and field events. Brands can maximize event sponsorship through a custom consumer research study that provides real-time feedback from event participants regarding their experience. Through the Integrated Consumer Engagement program, event sponsors […]

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Make Multicultural Research Insights your Business Accelerator

Here’s what you need to know about culturally robust primary research that will generate actionable insights and impact your marketing ROI.  As a research firm dedicated to the planning and implementation of multicultural studies, VSI is strongly focused on the development of best-in-class, robust research methodologies that are 100% in-language and in-culture. Now more than […]

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Total Market – Observations from the Field

Aaahhh! Total Market…finally we’ve arrived. Despite the melting pot that is the United States, we have now reached a place of cultural evolution that says that there are unifying themes that make the disparate segments of the U.S. more similar than different. Bonus…this is sure to translate into marketing communication efficiencies that translate into cost […]

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What the “March” Meant to Me

I have never really thought of myself as a “march” type person.  I have strong convictions about a lot of social and political issues.  However, I typically lend my support from afar.  My good friend and business partner, Michele Cordoba, put the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington on my “radar.” “Wow, if she […]

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